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The place and time to which you are born is important!  Especially if you are from Danovian.  Dranreb, a skilled warrior, and father of Enilorac, was not born at the right time, or was he?  Will his warrior daughter, Enilorac be able to embrace her destiny, and join forces with the young archer Rovert?  Can the pair raise two Royal Necromancer children to live as humans?  Will That save Danovian?  Find out by reading the Return Of The Necromancers.  The first book of The Dark Mountain Saga Trilogy......
The Making Of Danovian
The Making Of Danovian was written to be read, along, or beside, The Dark Mountain Saga, book one, The Return Of The Necromancers.  It gives the readers a feel of what happened in Danovian to bring about, The Great Necro War.  You can download The Making Of Danovian FREE from Google Play Books, at the link below.
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The Dark Mountain Saga: Return Of The Necromancers [Kindle Edition]

C.A. Staff 

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